Pennant League

Pennant is the opportunity to play in a team environment against other clubs on a regular basis. Players are teamed up (min. 5 players per team) with those of similar ability, in grades from D reserve to State level. 

Teams are assigned based on player level and availability, over a range of grades and competitions; new players are graded before being placed into a team.

Players who wish to sign up to Pennant should have a sound knowledge of the squash rules, match scoring and refereeing, and be able to rally the ball confidently. 


Pennant 101

  • Home and away games - Home games are played at the Melbourne University Nona Lee Sport centre squash courts, Away games are played at your opponents courts

  • Pennant nights start from 7pm, and finished after the last match

  • There are 3 or 4 matches per night, 1 match per player against the opposing team 

  • Players provide a team environment and support each player during the night

  • There is a social supper after matches provided by the home team

  • Pennant fee is $20 per player for Away games, to be paid to the opposing team


Pennant Seasons
Summer - 10 weeks -  Feb to March
Winter - 14 weeks - April to July/Aug
Spring - 14 weeks - Aug/Sep to Dec
Please note the season dates may change.


State and Open - Playing Tuesday or Wednesday nights 
Women's - Playing Monday or Tuesday nights

For more information, get in touch with our Pennant Chair, Jessie,  via email or register your interest to join through the form below.