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Coaches: Meet the club coaches
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Melbourne University Squash Club provides an environment where players of all levels can develop and grow their skills and enjoyment of Squash. For those relatively new to the game, coaching involves a directed program of learning that is perfect for individuals and small groups looking for a tailored Squash experience. For experienced players, coaching provides an environment to hone skills, tactics and technique and build fitness under supervision. It’s like personal training for Squash, but better! 


At the Melbourne University Squash Club, we work with several coaches who are accredited through Squash Australia, and strongly recommend them to any player, new or experienced in Squash. Their profiles are shown below, and each coach can be contacted directly to arrange coaching sessions and discuss your tailored coaching experience.


Note: The Melbourne University Squash Club has no financial association with coaching sessions organised between a participant and the coach.


Eli Kozma


Jessie Yeung

Eli has been coaching for about 5 years; he focuses on efficient movement and hitting, with an emphasis on safety and becoming comfortable with the game. Eli has experience coaching all levels - from beginner to advanced players; his coaching methodology is one of tailoring sessions to the client’s needs as well as developing their natural game.

Eli has extensive experience with both private and group sessions - he has developed and delivered the Learn to Play program offered by the Melbourne University Squash Club. Eli has been playing squash at a high level for the past 14 years; when he was younger, Eli was ranked in the top 4 juniors in the state.


If you’d like to get in touch, contact Eli via email here.

Jessie has been playing squash since her teens, starting in the juniors program at Westerfolds Templestowe Squash Club. Jessie is the current Womens’ Club Champion, and plays in the Open and Womens’ pennant leagues for the Melbourne University Squash Club. 

Whilst recently accredited, Jessie is not unfamiliar with coaching and mentoring fellow colleagues at work, and supporting penultimate students through the Melbourne University STEM Students Mentoring Program.  

Jessie’s key focus during coaching sessions is on the players technique, and will aim to get you into a solid rally and game at your level. Jessie is available for private individual and group coaching sessions (up to 3), for players at a beginner to intermediate level.

If you’d like to get in touch, contact Jessie via email here.


James Kavourakis

James has been coaching squash for 15 years, with around a decade coaching players at Melbourne University Squash Club. James’s squash philosophy is based on maximising natural biomechanics to develop safe, strong and quick movement and squash technique. His sessions provide cardio-intensive workouts that prioritise deep thinking about both the strategy of the game and its base fundamentals.  James focuses on coaching players from intermediate to advanced levels, with a preference for one-on-one or paired coaching. 

James has played squash for 18 years, achieving a highest league ranking inside the top 10 players in Victoria. James is the current Club Champion, and plays for Melbourne University Squash Club in the Victorian Premier League. 


If you’d like to get in touch, contact James via email here.


Cameron Richardson

Cameron has been coaching at Melbourne University Squash Club for 4 years and has previous coaching experience with juniors at other clubs. Cameron focuses on coaching players at beginner and intermediate levels and aims to develop strong fundamental skills in ball control and movement. His sessions consist of catered routines and drills to target specific hitting and movement skills, and outlining goals to develop a consistent, strong game. He has a preference for one-on-one or small group coaching (up to 3).

Cameron has been playing squash for 10 years and currently plays in the Victorian Premier League.


If you’d like to get in touch, contact Cameron via email here.

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