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Club Memberships

There's a membership type for everyone

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Social member

Student $40** 

Non-student $140

Whether you’re a beginner or a regular squash player, our Social Membership provides you with an opportunity to advance your squash skills.  You will also receive the following benefits:

  • FREE access to Social Squash AND in-house competition ($15 for non-members).

  • Access to the Open Training sessions, 10am – 12pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

  • Discount rates to any in-house run competition, tournament and events. Including Womens Novice competition.

  • Eligibility to represent the university in Victorian squash competitions

  • Eligibility to compete in the Club Championship

  • Access to club coaching rates

  • Access to club price racquets and restringing

  • Pizza nights, pub nights and other social events

Reserve member

Student $120**

Non-student $220

Reserve membership suits those who are unable to commit to a pennant season; gives you access to:

  • All pennant training times (listed here)

  • Discount rates to any in-house run competition, tournament and events. Including Womens Novice competition

  • $15 Social squash

  • Discount rates to any in-house competition, tournament and events. 

A reserve member is also listed on the Club Pennant Emergency/Fill-in Player list (unless otherwise advised by the member to the club). If a player fills-in for a pennant team more than four times and qualifies as a team member, the club will transfer part of your membership fee ($80) to cover the Squash & Racquetball Victoria pennant membership.

Note: Additional $10 required to convert from Reserve to Pennant membership

Pennant member

Student $40 + $90 Squash Vic**

Non-student $140 + $90 Squash Vic**

For LISTED players only - please contact us to confirm

**Note: Additional Squash & Racquetball Victoria Pennant Fee required to qualify for a pennant team 

Pennant membership is for members who are actively competing for the Melbourne University Squash Club in the South Squash League (SSL) pennant competition.

This membership type gives you:

  • Access to all the pennant member training times (listed here)

  • Allows you to represent the club in the Southern Squash League pennant competition run by Squash & Racquetball Victoria.

  • $10 Social squash and in-house competition

This membership gives you associated membership to Squash & Racquetball Victoria, and its only valid with a paid Squash & Racquetball Victoria pennant membership.

Half yearly memberships

Student** / Non-student
Club member $30 / $110
Reserve member $95 / $180
Pennant member $95 / 180

Half year membership are available for the following periods:

  • 1 Feb - 31 Jul

  • 1 Aug - 31 Jan

** Note: Student memberships only available for University of Melbourne undergraduate and post-graduate students, with a valid student card for the respective year of membership. Staff and Alumni are not included in this membership category.

Which one is for me?

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