Pennant Guide

General guide for teams, players, & captains on what to do for a pennant night.

And information on forfeits.



Teams are assigned based on player level and availability, over a range of grades and competitions.

  • Organising supper for Home games.

  • Share scoring and refereeing duties with the Visiting team.

  • Ensuring visiting players have paid their pennant fee of $19 at the MUS front desk (located near front entrance opposite the ‘Lazer Room’).

  • If the pennant fee is not paid and the visiting team have left, the team must:

    • PAY the remaining funds in FULL at the MUS front desk.

    • Obtain a receipt of payment, and note which player didn’t pay.

    • Re-collect fees from the Visiting team.

    • Contact us at if you have issues contacting the visiting team.


Player responsibilities when joining a team

  • Checking the for the team draw.

  • Fielding a team each week.

  • Commitment to weekly matches.

  • Players should advise of change in their availability.

  • Ensure they arrive on time (7pm or 7:30pm start) for a pennant night. Or let your team know if you’re going to be late beforehand.

  • Ensure relevant fees are paid:

    • Melbourne University Squash Club Membership (see our Club Membership page).

    • Squash Victoria pennant fee.

  • Knowing the squash rules (link here to current squash rules) and attending Squash Victoria Referee lectures as required.


Team captains act as the team contact for the Club and Visiting teams.

Captains are encouraged to also manage a team roster to allow easier scheduling of players and keeping track of the Draw.

Roster template available here.

Captains are also encourage to enter results for the team on the SquashMatrix, and ensure they have access to the SquashMatrix.


The team which initiates the forfeit MUST pay the pennant fee.

For player forfeits:

  • If Melbourne University (MU) cannot field a 4th player, then the MU team must cover the pennant fee ($19) for Home or Away games.

  • If the Visiting team cannot field a 4th player, then the visiting team must cover the pennant fee ($19).

Note: If a player is playing twice (for Away games), then the team must cover BOTH pennant fees.

For TEAM forfeits:

The team forfeit fee is charged to whichever team initiates the forfeit (same principles as above).

  • Open/State = $152

  • Womens = $114

This fee must be paid as a team. As a listed player, you have committed to play weekly if required to the best of your ability. The club will use best endeavours to find fill-ins when required, however it ultimately rests on the teams players to compete each week.

Walkover fee covers:

  • Court bookings

  • Administrative fees

  • Home and away fees paid by the clubs and players.

If you cannot field a team, you must contact the pennant chair at and the opposing team as a courtesy.



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