Pennant FAQs

Can I join a team?

Teams for each season are organised a month before the season starts.

Depending on the number of players, we can add you into a team mid-way through a season, or you can sign up as a reserve player.

Contact the club pennant chair and ask about joining!

What is the pennant and match format?

Pennant is played once a week in teams of four (4) for Open and State competitions, and three (3) players for Womens.

The competition is a ‘Home and Away’ format, played at clubs across the South East region of Victoria.

All matches are:

  • Best of five (5)

  • Point-to-rally, first to 15 point

What is the time commitment?

Matches start between 7 – 8 pm, depending on the club, and finished upon the last match and supper being completed.
Generally the pennant night ends around 10 – 10:30pm.
Pennant teams are also required to score and referee on the night. Generally one team will score, and the other will referee; this role is rotated each match.
Club members are encouraged to stay the entirety of the matches, to provide support and comradery to the team.

Where is pennant held?

Home games at Melbourne University are held at the Squash courts located in the Nona Lee Sports Centre on Tin Alley. Check on the notice board next to Squash Court 1, for your allocated pennant court. 

Away games will differ on a weekly basis, depending on the team you are playing, and will be played at their ‘home’ court(s). Make sure to check SportyHQ weekly to confirm the location of your match.

How much is squash pennant?

At the Melbourne University Squash Club, members pay $19 for Away games (i.e. games at another club), as determined by Squash Victoria.

Players are required to provide supper for Home games for the opposition team, with costs to be shared amongst the team.

How are players ranked?

Players are ranked within each team according to their SportyHQ points. Points are won and lost during pennant matches against opposition players.

New players are graded before being put in a pennant team.

Existing players will be sorted in a team according to the players' rating, and prior results.

When does the season start?

There are three seasons in the Southern Squash League:

  • Summer (Feb – March).

  • Autumn/Winter (April – July/Aug).

  • Spring (Aug/Sept – Nov).

What is a reserve player?

As a reserve player, you are entitled to all club benefits and pennant training times.

By signing up as a reserve player, you will be added to a central list of players who may be contacted to help out the teams as a ‘fill-in’ for a pennant night.

Do you offer squash coaching?

Squash coaching can be organised directly with the club coach, David Ung.




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